You’ll Never Look At A City The Same Way

, You’ll Never Look At A City The Same Way, Uplifting Content

You know how we always see people around us when we’re out and about, often we just walk or drive right by without a second thought? After all, we don’t know them. But Brenton Z Weyi, an award-winning poet, essayist, and filmmaker, has some eye-opening ideas to share about cities. With his poetic perspective, I think you’ll feel a new appreciation and connectedness to every other being around you.

As Brenton tells us, “it’s a poem called ‘Multiplicity,’ and it’s dedicated to the roles that cities play in being havens for diverse inclusion and advocacy. I believe it’s a powerful message that needs to be heard by many people–especially now.”

So share this with anyone who lives in a city and help strengthen the incredible web of diversity that we all share!

This was a My Uplifting Content Submission. Thank you Brenton for submitting your work to the Uplifting Content Community. We are so grateful to you for making a difference and uplifting people in your own special way.

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