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October 10, 2017
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October 13, 2017

At Sage Goddess, I am hearing from more and more people who are feeling discouraged, depressed, anxious, and afraid. World events, global politics, and weather patterns feel ominous to many – like signs they don’t know how to translate. And yet there’s an urgency to try and translate, to make sense of what is happening. Because this is taking place on a global scale, each of us is raising a frequency that is felt and shared by all; the collective consciousness is becoming affected, shaped, and shifted as we all radiate our individual concerns. This energy is present in our collective field, and yet it is relatively unspoken, showing up as agitation and anxiety. It needs to be addressed, discussed, and explored. I believe we live in this moment for a reason – each of us here to be, to become, to bear witness, to support, to expand, and to encourage each other. We are here to inspire each other, literally breathing the breath of life and possibility into our mutual awareness. This moment is presenting us with an opportunity to step into a new way of living as well as a new paradigm of leadership. At this point, even what it means to lead is in question. We are losing faith in our leaders, and our institutions are experiencing cracks in the very foundations of their structures.

And that’s because in the last 50 years around the world the pendulum of power has swung all the way to the left in energetic terms, to the Divine Masculine, to the lines and structures and symbols of control. It has swung toward security, safety, data, facts, and contracts, guarantees, corporate structures and ladders. In the left hand, we clutch power and hold it in such a tight grasp that nothing and no one can pry it from us – or so we think. We have forgotten the most important universal principle of all: The Principle of Polarity. Everything is dual; everything has an opposite force that counterbalances it, redirects it when it swings too far in its own direction. Look around the world and think about the disasters and tragedies of the 20th (and 21st) century: All of them, whether financial, corporate, natural, or violent in nature, stem from an underlying lack of compassion. It’s the WIFM mentality – what’s in it for me – which is so counter to a balanced, tribal perspective wherein decisions are made in alignment with the highest good of All Beings. To say that too much divine masculine is creating disastrous outcomes on our planet is not to say that men are creating those outcomes. Oh, quite the opposite! All beings, male and female, are composed of both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. All sentient creatures contain this duality. What has happened is that the Divine Feminine has been masked, ignored, punished, and silenced on many levels – in our culture, our businesses, our educational systems, our governments, and so in our families – even within our own bodies. Men and women have abandoned the Divine Feminine in pursuit of the perceived gifts of the Masculine: Security, financial achievement, consistency, structure, and form. But the Divine Feminine offers all of these gifts too. They just look different. Our refusal to accept and encourage difference in favor of uniformity, predictability, and replicability has led to our depression, sadness, sorrow, confusion, exhaustion, and pain.

The pendulum must swing again. That is the only way.

And we can’t let it swing all the way to the energetic right, the Divine Feminine. That watery place of flow and creation needs the balance of the masculine structure and form in order to take shape and manifest in this dimension, just as the egg requires the sperm; one cannot create without the other. Yet we’ve been trying to create with only half the necessary ingredients for a long time now. The fields are barren. The crops are withering, so parched from high afternoon heat with no rest, or nourishment. Our spirits are longing, yearning, for meaning. “Is this it?” you find yourself asking, we all find ourselves asking. And of course “this” isn’t it. If you believed this was it, you wouldn’t be asking the question.

In the United States we tried to elect a female president last year and that would not have solved our problems, because she lost much of her Divine Feminine, succumbing (as anyone in her position might) to the need to button up, show up, and buck up in order to ‘prove’ she can play in a masculine, linear system. I have wondered to myself on many occasions whether she would have won the election if she sat more solidly in her Divine Feminine, but then I also wonder if she would have been able to get as far as she did under those circumstances. History would suggest not. So the answer to this big masculine swing of the power pendulum isn’t necessarily to elect a female president (though it isn’t a bad suggestion!). No, the answer is more complex than that, and far more about a “we” vs. a “he” or “she.” Ultimately, we need a truly balanced model of leadership that represents the integration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine nested together, complementing and dancing with each other. But for now, we need a divine feminine model of leadership as a place to begin the conversations we know we need to have. I think we’ve forgotten what feminine leadership looks like – again, not tethered to a person but to an energy stream. To find a male leader with a strong and active Divine Feminine, we need only look to Nelson Mandela who gifted us with such a powerful and loving example of what embodied strength and grace look like in one human form. Wasn’t he a sight to behold with human eyes for the time we had him here?

There are others of course, and not just in history, but now – rising like phoenixes from ashes because they are hearing the call to balance and alignment. Will we rise in time, becomes the question, to bring compassion to conversations that could lead to chaos? Will we rise in time.

And what can you do to help? From where you are, with a tender heart, a worried mind, an open spirit. There is so much you can do and it’s so subtle and gentle that it might surprise you. All matter is energy, and you are a vibrational energetic being – and as such, you are connected to me, because I’m vibrational too, and your vibration affects me. In that way, your thoughts, your intentions, your desires, your energy can shift an entire planet. That’s not me speaking – that’s quantum physics. We are in this matrix together at this time because you are so critical to the process, as am I. Let’s work together to create a compass for the new paradigm, one that integrates all four directions and anchors itself in the heartspace where we can find our way back to the compassionate center. If we lead from there, if we talk and listen from there, if we enact policy from there, our collective possibilities for peace are unlimited.

A Divine Feminine model of leadership holds at its center the premise that humanity is sacred. There is no way around this premise, for the feminine gives birth to all life. Evolution requires conception, gestation, and birth. Thus, our new steps toward enlightenment and peace require this moment of conception of what is new and yet now new; the birth of our civilization was a matriarchal act. So we begin there: All Life Is Sacred, and not just lives but souls and the peace of those souls, the freedom of those souls to exist in a liberated way, and the ability of those souls to express their needs without fear. How we will negotiate with ‘enemies’ in this new paradigm is through the lens of collective and highest good: What benefits us all? What moves us forward on our path to enlightenment, and what raises our planet’s vibration, which in turns promotes wellness and happiness for all beings. How can I have enemies if I see everyone as my brother or sister? If I know their stories, hopes and fears, and I share my own with them. If my heart is open, I cannot have enemies. Not in this paradigm.

The Sanskrit mantra “Lokah Samasta Sukinoh Bhavantu” means, loosely translated, “May all beings be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all,” and encompasses the concept of Maitri, or loving kindness. The Divine Feminine, as the Great Mother, seeks the happiness and freedom of her children, us, collectively. The essence of this desire for happiness as a basic human right is also expressed in the Constitution of the United States. Our sharp turn toward patriarchy in this century has left us bereft of ways to understand and integrate this basic principle because it has no longer remained a priority; we have sold compassion to buy practicality, strength, and security. Now we may have to sell some of our perceived security – again, the Divine Feminine offers security too, of a potent and maternal kind – in order to buy back the compassion we so desperately need. Compassion tempered with judgment, patience, and truth. That is the balance of masculine and feminine. Tempering, balancing, uniting, and nurturing. That is the way forward.

In this new vision, we can be honest about how we learn and what we need. We can allow people to learn in different ways, make “progress” at their own pace and on their own time, and lead in less linear ways, where the process is more valuable than the outcome at times. We can communicate and share stories of our past and dreams of our futures, so that we see each other as human beings first – dignitaries, citizens, politicians second. We can allow our children to play more and worry less about fitting into too-tight boxes that don’t reflect the unique essence of each individual’s spirit. We can inspire and rally people to something greater than themselves, something bigger than their own daily grind, and in that way build faith and community. Maybe that will get us to put down our smartphones and tablets and actually look each other in the eye. When we unite as one and forge deeper relationships we won’t be as tethered to Twitter and social media because we won’t constantly be looking for someone else to tell us what Truth looks like. We will feel once again like we are active participants in the creation of our world, and hope will be renewed. Not all at once, but these are the steps.

Not easy. But worth it. It may sound weak, this approach to leadership, and yet our fear of vulnerability and its consequences is a result of our too-far-gone leap into full masculine. We fear looking weak, and yet looking “strong” hasn’t gotten us far. In fact, it’s dropping us off at the doorstep of war. I’d rather look weak and vulnerable and find a way to maintain life on this planet. Wouldn’t you? And so we see, the time has come.

So if you are ready to work with me toward this goal, begin here, just for today, right where you are:

Think thoughts of peace, for they will manifest in the form of peace. Think thoughts of love, for they will manifest in the form of love.
Think thoughts of harmony, for they will manifest in the form of harmony.
Think thoughts of freedom, for they will manifest in the form of freedom.
For all of us, for our collective good, so may it be.

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Thank you Athena for sharing your work. We are so grateful to you for making a difference and uplifting people in your own special way.

Dr. Athena Perrakis is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sage Goddess, the world’s largest source of sacred tools and metaphysical education. Each week, Sage Goddess reaches almost two million people across the globe, on every continent and in more than 60 countries. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in educational leadership, and has 15 years of experience as a professor, corporate trainer and consultant, and educator. Athena has traveled the globe and worked with CEOs and senior executives from the Fortune 50 companies. But her metaphysical experience, in which her current work is largely rooted, spans more than 30 years. During that time, she has become an expert in gemology, astrology, Tarot, aromatherapy, Reiki, and herbal medicine. Her Etsy shop was the first online metaphysical storefront to reach the Top 10 stores in the handmade category around the world. Today, there are more than 3000 products available through SageGoddess.com – everything from essential oils and ritual perfumes to candles, jewelry, gemstones in every form, home decor, clothing, body art and temporary tattoos, canvas art, and more.

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