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November 15, 2017

Acceptance – A Modern Silent Film

This is certainly not your typical short silent film. The energy and range of emotion conveyed is tangible. The scene is comical and excellently executed. This video will definitely give you a new way of thinking about the issue of embracing diversity, which runs deeply throughout our world. We are all different, which is a gift to humanity. Let’s realize […]
November 15, 2017

A Quick Fable With A Revelatory Twist Ending

It’s time for a fable! This short but profound story about a man and three bulls might just change the way you look at challenges and opportunities. We can’t see into the future (at least most of us can’t), so all we can see is what’s in front of us. Some challenges look insurmountable, some look easy. But things aren’t […]
October 10, 2017

Let Me Pick You Up – A Beautiful Music Video By Chris Assad

The official music video for “Let Me Pick You Up”, the third single off of Chris Assad’s “I Won’t Die”. This was a My Uplifting Content Submission. Thank you Chris for submitting your work to the Uplifting Content Community. We are so grateful to you for making a difference and uplifting people in your own special way. Learn more about […]
October 10, 2017

College Student Quits School To Follow His Dream

Do you want to work for someone else’s dream? Or yours? Yes, sometimes following a passion can be risky. Passions don’t always stay on the path society has laid out for us. Danny McGee knows this all too well. He went to college just like he was “supposed to,” but he still always found himself wanting to travel and experience […]
October 10, 2017

Build Your Life, Not Just Your CVs

I am an English teacher and have seen how time and again, students are told their value is based on the grades they achieve. I believe students retain their value regardless of grades or assessments. I have seen so many of my students feel demoralised after getting a bad grade. So I wrote this short speech and played the video […]

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