Let’s Talk About Turning Kids Into Superheroes With Josh Rossi

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January 31, 2018
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This episode is packed full of fantastic advice from Josh Rossi Photography. I learned so much from this conversation so I’d recommend you grab a note pad and pen if you’ve got one nearby.

We spoke about how in the last year and half Josh’s photography projects like this one have gone viral: Justice League Kids Photo Shoot

Being open to changing your trajectory by trying new things and moving forward with what is working rather than being stuck in your ways. How to use influencer marketing to your advantage and being the first or being new with an idea to get traction.

How to have the confidence to show your work and dealing with negative critizism and self doubt, his next incredible project about bullying and so much more.

For information about Josh’s courses, click here. I’m looking into the one on marketing.

The book he recommended was 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing.

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