Google Rewards Irish Teen Fighting Water Pollution With His Unique Invention

An 18 year old student from West Cork, Ireland, has been awarded $50,000 at the Google Science Fair for his revolutionary project.

Fionn Ferreira, won the competition for his methodology to remove microplastics from water. Microplastics have proven to be extremely troublesome for the environment as they are very small, making them virtually impossible to remove through filtration. This leads to a much larger issue that impacts fish and human beings, as small fish are known to eat microplastics and those fish are eaten by the larger fish that humans then eat. Microplastics are known to be exfoliating for the skin, and are therefore often included in soaps, shower gels and facial scrubs. They can also come off our clothes during laundry.

Founded by Google in 2011, the Google Science Fair encourages students ages 13 through 18 to submit their experiments in front of a panel of judges. The competition is sponsored by giants such as National Geographic, Lego, Virgin Galactic and Scientific American.

After being put through 1,000 tests, the method was proven to 87% effective in removing microplastics from water. Fionn’s goal is to have this method implemented at all wastewater treatment facilities, which would prevent the microplastics from reaching waterways and the ocean, thus decreasing the risk of humans consuming them through fish.

However, the ideal case scenario is that we all make a conscious effort to reduce the microplastics we use, so are plastic pollution is our ocean is a major worldwide threat. Here’s are three things you can do to reduce your microplastic consumption:

  1. Reduce your use of single-use plastics
  2. Recycle properly
  3. Avoid products containing microbeads

It sounds small, but if everyone globally took these steps, it would make a huge difference to our beautiful Earth and help to preserve it for future generations. I’d love to hear more about what you do to reduce plastic pollution and if any of you have any suggestions! Together we can protect our planet.

A Modern South African Journey

We received a submission from a man named Mendel, who shot some fantastic footage while in South Africa. The cinematography is mesmerizing, transporting this nation’s beautiful land, culture, and people right to you. You can really see in the genuine, smiling faces of children and adults how beautiful we all are and the underlying harmony that always wishes to emerge. Watch and notice you can feel the peace that Mendel celebrates all throughout this video.  

Here is a message from the creator: “Hi there! My name is Mendel & I recently visited South Africa with my wife. I brought my camera with me & shot a bunch of video footage & I just finished editing a short documentary. I ended up inspired by the story of what took place in the country the past couple decades with the fall of Apartheid, while also aware of the challenges which remain ahead. It’s also Heritage day in South Africa today!”

A Country Reborn

In honor of Heritage day in South Africa! ?? Enjoy this short & inspiring travel video I shot on my last visit!

Posted by Mendel Katz – Cinematography on Sunday, September 24, 2017

Share this video to spread the sense of peace and belonging that is our birthright!



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You’ll Never Look At A City The Same Way

You know how we always see people around us when we’re out and about, often we just walk or drive right by without a second thought? After all, we don’t know them. But Brenton Z Weyi, an award-winning poet, essayist, and filmmaker, has some eye-opening ideas to share about cities. With his poetic perspective, I think you’ll feel a new appreciation and connectedness to every other being around you.

As Brenton tells us, “it’s a poem called ‘Multiplicity,’ and it’s dedicated to the roles that cities play in being havens for diverse inclusion and advocacy. I believe it’s a powerful message that needs to be heard by many people–especially now.”

So share this with anyone who lives in a city and help strengthen the incredible web of diversity that we all share!

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A Reminder To Live Your Passion Now

Pablo Zubiria has crafted an expert compilation of the various things people can do in this world. There is so much in nature to explore and so much of human invention to experience. We have so many choices about what to do with the time we have, and really the main factor that matters is that we feel good about what we are doing. In this series of present moments we call life, with endless opportunities, the question is, what will you do?

We find all sorts of reasons to procrastinate and make excuses, but as Pablo tells Uplifting Content, “… we should live in the present and stop wasting time. If there’s something we are passionate and really care about, we will find time regardless.”

So go out at find what you really love to do! But first, take three minutes and get some inspiration from the link below and share with whoever you think might benefit.

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Help Save Africa’s Endangered Species!

All living organisms are precious. They all contribute to the exquisitely balanced ecosystem we call Earth. As humans, such an advanced and conscious species, we have a role too, and part of it is to protect and peacefully coexist. We have developed the technology-fueled power to steal the ivory from elephants and the horns from rhinos, leaving them to die. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve acquired the right to inflict this unnecessary harm and endanger entire species’ existence.

Fortunately, our collective humanity also has the ability to restore equilibrium when it shifts out of balance. You may not have known it, but you can help too–right now. One great way to pitch in is with Over and Above Africa, an organization with a mission to end poaching for good. Here’s a message from the founder, Kerry David:

We raise funds from a global community and give to the people and projects we know to be effective in the fight to end poaching and the wildlife trafficking of Africa’s endangered species.

Check out our latest mini-doc about elephant relocation & de-horning rhino in Africa.

Three things make us unique; we use micro-financing (small donations from multiple countries), we are a membership site ($5 a month) and we are fully transparent; we film the funds we give away in action and then bring these mini-docs back to our members to SEE and EXPERIENCE the effect of their contributions in action.

We are always looking for help in spreading our messaging so that everyone can be aware of the crisis for endangered animals in Africa. We need help in growing our membership base ($5 a month to save a species!). The more people who join us, the more ground initiatives we can support.

We would love help in creating a game app, and an app for our site – we are entirely volunteer run, nobody takes a salary so volunteers would be incredibly helpful with this. We are also always looking for ways to improve our website. Any feedback would be most welcome! Thank you so much!

Kerry David Founder – Over and Above Africa

Please visit the following links to stand up for all those animals who need us. And pass this along to anyone you know who wants to keep the animal kingdom alive and well! .


CrowdRise –  Raising funds to help meet the needs of the men and women on the front lines of Africa’s tragic poaching crisis

GoFundMe – Raising funds for a new anti-poaching unit in Africa

Facebook (Huge reveal coming soon!)



Press and Media

Boots for Rangers Fundraiser

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Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Inspired by spending time in Africa where he witnessed firsthand the destruction of the rainforest, Prince Ea crafts a message for future generations. He apologizes to our future in a spoken word performance about what we are doing to our planet. Unless we change directions, he foresees a time when we will have to hear stories of what trees were and how they once literally breathed life into this planet. We are living in a world where the desire for money, ironically made from trees, is leading to our downfall

In a compelling entreaty to look beyond our selfish, monetary pursuits, he reminds us that it is not too late to care for our world before there is nothing–and no one–left.

This video fosters feelings of a connected Earth family and offers a way to hold out our hands in solidarity for the protection of our beautiful, benevolent trees. Click and share to help preserve our home!