Uplifting Stories

Uplifting Stories is a compilation of concise, inspiring narratives, the most joyful true tales chosen to uplift the reader of the book. Ione has already begun the process of finding and interviewing the most inspirational guests about their compelling uplifting stories, and so far has assembled a strong collection for the first book, in which she hopes will become a series of many more.

Uplifting Stories will offer great value, variety and depth of content, yet in a volume that has an airy, unintimidating heft to a reader. Also, if the reader is going through a particular rough patch or needs to deal with a specific situation, this book will be organized in such a way to help them quickly select the appropriate chapter to deliver them the inspiration and comfort they seek.

, Book, Uplifting Content
, Book, Uplifting Content

Uplifting Stories will be published by Simon & Schuster and released in the Spring of 2020.

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