December 20, 2017

How To Push Yourself To Lose Weight

This is one of the most difficult yet happy things to write. I told those who ask me that I would post when I hit the goal and I would tell my story… Buckle up people! You’re about to endure 365lbs down to 265lbs. I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. In one summer, I gained […]
December 19, 2017

Eating Breast Cancer Away: The Research On How Food Can Help (Or Win) The Fight

When I was around 18 or 19, my mother, Barbara, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As you can imagine, this was a shock to us all, and her mostly. It was shocking in part because it was my mom, but even more so because of what type of mom she is.  She’s the cool mom.  The one your sister’s friends love […]
December 19, 2017

Give And Take: Adam Grant, My Dad And The Man On The Plane

[Reading Time: 15ish minutes] I was sitting at United gate 98, in Newark International Airport’s Terminal C, waiting to board my flight to Los Angeles.  By dint of flying so much for work, my “status” had gotten me upgraded to first class.Great for the flight, but not quite as fun to absorb the faces of the  economy-classers as they head […]
December 18, 2017

500 Words On: The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

Words: 498. Reading time: 3 minutes, out loud. “First, see clearly. Next, act correctly. Finally, endure and accept the world as it is.” I could not personally come up with a more succinct summary of this small but powerful book. The book that in recent years, has become the talk of places like Fortune 500 boardrooms and NFL locker rooms. From Epictetus […]
December 18, 2017

Navigating Nutrition: Lessons From Twain And Socrates

Reading Time: ~15 minutes (Or about the average Chipotle wait time) “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” If you feel like you’ve seen this quote somewhere, don’y worry, you’re not crazy (at least not for that reason.) (i.e. You might still be crazy, I’d look […]
December 18, 2017

Inspiring The Uninspired: 15 Videos That Give Me The Chills

Here’s an accumulated list of 15 inspiring videos that Justin finds most helpful. I hope you enjoy. 1. Arnold’s Six Rules (4:30). Funny as his accent is,  the man has repeatedly smashed social convention and reached his (very lofty) goals. Many people don’t realize he was also a real estate tycoon (coming from zero experience) in addition to transforming the body […]
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