November 5, 2018

A Blind Man And His Armless Companion Plant Over 10,000 Trees In China

Jia Haixia and Jia Wenqi are 53 year-old men with disabilities. Mr. Haixia is blind and Mr. Wenqi has had his both arms amputated. Despite their disabilities, they form a great team that makes a huge difference. They have worked together for 10 years and have managed to plant 10,000 trees in a rural area in Hebei, China. They deserve […]
November 5, 2018

Three Reasons To Spend Time Alone

In her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, Susan Cainwrote “Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured. Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.” People who choose to cultivate their desire to spend time alone, rather than fight it, are able to do […]
November 5, 2018

Ten Ways Adult Coloring Books Improve Your Emotional, Mental and Intellectual Health

I was never a huge fan of coloring books as a child. As an adult, however, I absolutely love them! Maybe it’s because I’ve come a long way in my ability to stay inside the lines. Whatever the reason, I am glad to have made the shift. I am the proud owner of coloring books depicting Harry Potter, Game of […]
November 4, 2018

8 Ways Having High Emotional Intelligence Helps You Deal With Difficult People

Harvard psychologist and theorist, Howard Gardner said, “Your EQ (emotional intelligence level) is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them.” That sounds easy enough…unless the people you are trying to understand and cooperate with are toxic and full of negativity. Dealing with difficult people can be challenging at best, […]
November 3, 2018

8 Tips To Mastering Body Language That Will Win Anyone Over

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received was from an old sales manager of mine who said, “It’s not just about what you say, but HOW you say it.” You can be the most educated person in a room but if you come off like a robot, people won’t listen to you. Effective communication is all about […]
November 2, 2018

Why You Should Spend Money On Experiences, Not Things (backed by science)

Ahh, the pursuit of happiness. It is what most people are after. Some economists believe happiness is the best indicator of how healthy a society is. It seems that even though money can make you temporarily happier, once your basic needs are met, it doesn’t continue to do so. For Most Of Us, Figuring Out How To Spend Our Money, […]
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