A Rap For Kids Who Feel Less Than

, A Rap For Kids Who Feel Less Than, Uplifting Content

We all have a purpose and special genius within us. We may not have revealed it yet, but it’s there within us. All humans, one just as much as the next, are worthwhile and meant to be here for a significant reason. Other people’s superficial judgements are simply their own false reaction to a fraction of reality.

This lyric rap video is a fun, meaningful way that Bolaji O communicates the truth of how able we all are. Here he is to introduce his cause:

I’m a children’s book author, who struggled with social anxiety growing up. When I became a Dad, I created Brave Young Heroes to help my kids, and others, find their voice in the world. Here’s a short video I created in response to a friend’s autistic son being bullied. Enough is enough. It’s called #DISSability

Watch and share with any kids that might need some reassurance that they are more capable and incredible than they know.

DISSability. An anthem for every kid who's ever been devalued …

#DissabilityI wrote this for every kid, who's ever been devalued or dismissed.If you've ever been picked on, passed up, or counted out? This ones for you.#OurKidsWillChangeTheWorld

Posted by Brave Young Heroes on Thursday, September 7, 2017

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