6 Things You Should Say Other Than ‘I Love You’

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October 9, 2018
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The Words “I Love You” Will Always Be Important To Us, But There Are Times When We Need To Hear Something Different.

Whether it’s been 2 weeks, or 2 years into your relationship, those three little words can still make your heart skip a beat. “I love you” carries a lot of weight; it holds immeasurable value to both people and is an essential part of the relationship. However, there are other phrases that are just as important and each one has its own positive ripple effect.

Here Are 6 Things We (Sometimes) Want To Hear More Than “I Love You:”

1. “I Support You.”

Our partner plays several different roles in our relationship, but none as important as the role of supporter. Whether it is facing the horrifying ordeal of visiting the in-laws (they understand how crazy they can be), or preparing for a big work presentation, we need to know that our significant other is in our corner.

2. “I Appreciate You.”

We remind you that flossing is important, and pair your socks with their matches. We keep track of appointments and take the trash out when it is full. Our days are filled with mundane activities. Letting us know that you appreciate the ordinary things we do, can turn the monotonous into something more. Recognise that what we do is not only an act of service to our home, but an act of love to our relationship.

3. “You’re Amazing.”

Whether you’re telling us how beautiful you think we are when we wake up with our messy hair and puffy eyes, or if you’re simply holding us close with that look in your eye, reminding us that you think we are amazing is a pretty great feeling. Sometimes, we forget.

4. “Thank You.”

I’m not talking about the general pleasantry one says when they are handed a tissue after sneezing. I’m talking about the kind of “thank you” you say to someone who locked their keys in the car, was an hour late for work, somehow got chewing gum stuck in their hair, spilled coffee on their favourite blouse, missed lunch, got a flat tire on the way home, and still manages to be the greatest person in the world to you.

5. “I’m Sorry.”

There is nothing more loving than compassionate understanding. “Sorry” is more than a word used to end an argument, it means “I understand how you are feeling. I feel bad I contributed to that situation. And, I will do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

6. “I Care About You.”

Relationships can be hectic. Sometimes, you get lost in the fast-paced routine and lose sight of the important things. Telling your partner how much they mean to you, and that you care about them might seem like obvious information they should already know, but it’s nice to have the reminder every once in a while.

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