A Story of True Love at 85

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October 8, 2018
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October 9, 2018

“The Only Reason We’re Alive” The Latest Animated Poem By IN-Q.

It was the title of this poem that really grabbed my attention.

A question often asked by most people “Why are we here?”

What really makes the world go around? Is it money? Or power?

Or Is It Love?

Is It The Quiet Relief Of Waking Up Knowing That We Are Not Alone In This World?

So many times we confuse our idea of happiness by materialistic desires led by wealth and fame, but what is the value of anything when we have nobody to share it with?

In this poem, IN-Q talks about finding love at 85.

Well, they say anything is possible when you believe.

Who’s to say it’s too late to ever find love? Love isn’t something we are rewarded or given based on our age, gender or race. Love is Love and it is everywhere, whether you can see it or not.

In this magnificent animation he talks about the journey of loving and appreciating one another until the very end, until death finally catches up to us, and how we still love even long after our soul mates are gone.

 “That’s real love dude,”  “Not when it’s convenient love,” “Miss her in my bones love”

I believe love is the only reason we are alive. It reminds us to live.

And whether we are 85 or 19, the truth is, there is no greater joy than true love.

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